Golden State Warriors

5 takeaways from Warriors’ romp vs Bulls

Klay Thompson|Picks up where he left off in Chicago


Thompson was on fire when the Warriors beat the Bulls in Chicago and he kept the good times going Friday at Oracle Arena. He hit Golden State’s first three shots of the game — all 3-pointers. He ended the night with 30 points in just 25 minutes, hitting seven from distance and going 10-18 from the field.

The Bulls must be happy they won’t see Thompson again this year. Here are his numbers from the two games played between the clubs, per Slater.

It was Steph’s night, but Thompson still flexed his 3-point muscles. He’s just outside the top-20 in NBA 3-pointers made himself. Thompson, with his 6-foot-7 height and relative youth (he’ll turn 29 in February) has a realistic shot to reach to the top of that list.

Each player ranks as one of the best shooters in NBA history, of that there is no doubt. But as far as who ends up with more career 3’s made, that’s to be decided. The smart money is on Curry, but Klay is great in his own right and has set himself up nicely for a shot at history.

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