Golden State Warriors

5 takeaways from Warriors’ romp vs Bulls

Kevin Durant|Hold me back, Draymond!


Warriors forward Kevin Durant also got to ice his knees in the fourth quarter of this blowout, but not before things got testy between him and Bulls forward Bobby Portis.

Here’s a video of the proceedings, courtesy of @_MarcusD3_. Keep in mind, Portis has a reputation. He was suspended for eight games after punching teammate Nikola Mirotic a season ago.

I’m not sure what the best part about this is. First, Warriors forward Draymond Green has to hold Durant Back. That’s valuable bonding time for the two, following a near falling out during and after a game against the Clippers in November.

Then, Durant caps the sequence with a nasty jab-step and midrange jumper, two of his 22 points. Clearly, it just wasn’t the Bulls night.

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