Golden State Warriors

Ex-Warriors busts Chris Webber and Joe Smith share a moment during Dubs’ blowout loss to Nets

As if it wasn’t bad enough having former Warriors forward Chris Webber on the telecast of Golden State’s season-opening blowout loss to the Nets, Webber and his production team managed to draw another previous Warriors front-court bust into the show.

Webber — the former No. 1 overall pick and rookie of the year for Golden State before he opted out of his contract after one season, way back in 1993-94 — played along when his co-host, longtime anchor Marv Albert, incorrectly stated that Joe Smith played in 1971. Smith’s career came up because he’s played for a record 12 NBA clubs.

The Warriors selected Smith out of Maryland with the No. 1 pick in 1995 after the franchise imploded upon Webber’s departure. As one could surmise thanks to the dozen teams on Smith’s resume, his career did not pan out in Golden State.

When Webber didn’t correct Albert, some attentive fans noticed and the word got around to Smith via his Twitter account.

The TNT broadcast caught wind of Smith’s tweet and showed it to Webber and the TV audience during live action. Webber had some encouraging words, normal within the NBA fraternity, for Smith as the Warriors continued to get drubbed by Brooklyn.

I’ve seen a lot in my years watching NBA basketball and the Warriors, but that was a surreal moment. These two players are notorious Warriors busts, and the thought of either one will elicit a sharp response from any Bay Area sports fan. But both of them together? My, my, my. That was tough to take. Especially during a blowout.

But in some ways, I’m glad they’re both doing well, especially Smith, who squandered a small fortune gained during his playing days but is back on his feet. It’s water under the bridge, especially after the Warriors three recent NBA titles. I just hope if they socialize in the future, they do so in private.

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