Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ James Wiseman growing up to be a monster in the paint

James Wiseman is growing up fast. It’s almost like one of those science fiction movies, when an unknown life form grows up way faster than was thought possible and the characters are like, “Oh my goodness, it’s a monster now! How did that happen??? Run!!!”

Well, it’s something like that. The basketball version, we’ll say. Wiseman played in just three games while at college, but as he played game No. 7 in the NBA against the Kings, he looked much different than he did Game 1. Previously, he already had his first double-double in Stephen Curry’s 62-point game, also known as a win against the Blazers on Sunday. The return of forward Draymond Green and increased ball movement has helped the entire club, and that includes Wiseman. Here’s the 19-year-old center dunking on the Kings, via an ally-oop from guard Kelly Oubre.

And here’s Wiseman receiving an impressive pass from Green for a bucket, another one of Golden State’s incredible 41 assists tallied during the win against Sacramento on Monday.

These clips are taken as Wiseman is still growing up to become … well we don’t know for sure just yet. But it appears we have a future monster on our hands here. Green and Curry are slowly implementing him into the core of the team, so we’ll see Wiseman grow right in front of our eyes.

The question for now is: can he help the Warriors win in 2021? I think the answer is plainly yes. And the next questions: can Wiseman keep growing at a frighting (for opponents) pace? Will his skill and solid character be the bridge to the next era of Warriors basketball? Not sure about that one, either. But I am sure this year figures to be fun with a baby monster on the roster in James Wiseman.

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