Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry says ‘no messages necessary’ when asked about Warriors’ doubters

These aren’t the Warriors of old. But they’re kinda the Warriors of old.

Golden State isn’t a title contender at the moment, but championship pieces remain, most obviously star guard Stephen Curry. With the Warriors fresh off a five-year run of trips to the NBA Finals, it’s easy for some to take a look at the present club — one that’s trying to climb the ladder to reach similar success of years past — and dismiss it as an after thought.

After the Warriors’ eye-opening victory against the Clippers on Friday night, Curry was asked about those that doubt his team can win a title.

I love this because in actuality, the Warriors will have a hard time competing for a title. But after so much success — and with all the talent he possesses — Curry still has a champion’s mentality. And that’s how you … well .. win championships. It’s as much as a mental battle as it is a physical one.

Golden State is treading water nicely as the team builds chemistry with all the new pieces on board, such as wings Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre as well as rookie center James Wiseman, AND coach Kerr has to settle on a rotation. I’m not sure if the Warriors can make it to the NBA Finals again, but it’s a lot of fun to watch them try. To hear Curry tell it, they’re going to keep fighting for their championship aspirations.

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