Golden State Warriors

Report: Nets G Kyrie Irving sidelined this week as online video of maskless party surfaces

Think about it. If you thought the earth was flat, would you wear a mask to protect yourself and others — including your co-workers — form a virus you cannot see?

Admittedly, that’s a tough scenario to imagine. In this case, though, we have Nets guard Kyrie Irving, the man that hit the game-winning shot against the Warriors to end Golden State’s 73-win season. The notorious “flat earther” has missed a run of games due to personal reasons, and it appears he’ll miss more after reportedly attending large parties without a mask to prevent the potential spread of Covid-19.

Here’s the report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

That’s a lot of missed games, especially for a player that is supposed to lead the Nets to prominence, along with former Warriors great, Kevin Durant. Irving’s father and sister had birthdays recently, and it seems Irving had enough of wearing his mask when hanging with his family. Check this tweet from Billy Reinhardt of SB Nation.

The pandemic has gone on for far too long and is terrible. I think we can all agree on that. Wearing a mask is also terrible, for an untold amount of reasons. But we all have to sacrifice, yes, still, for society to return to normal. It’s awful, but true. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is happy to wear a mask or happy about the position we’re in as a country with an exploding pandemic.

And Nets fans just want to watch one of their best players compete. Irving is a professional, and he’s got to find a way to play more often, even if he personally doesn’t feel like it. Nothing is easy during this tumultuous time in history, unfortunately. And all Irving has to do is dedicate his work life to basketball. Brooklyn deserves a better effort and attitude. Hopefuly for the fans, he returns more dedicated than ever.

(Photo credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

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