Golden State Warriors

LeBron James mimics a Steph Curry move but cites his source of inspiration (that’d be Curry)

Sometimes you spend so much time with another person, you start to imitate each other a bit. We’ve all been there.

So maybe it’s not too surprising that LeBron James mimicked a move made famous by Warriors guard Stephen Curry. The two played against each other in four consecutive NBA Finals, after all.

James shot a 3-pointer and turned around to cheese with the bench before he even saw the shot go in. This is an old hat for Curry, but new for James. This is a good rendition of the move, though. Gotta give him credit for that. Check it out below courtesy of a Drew Shiller and Dave McMenamin.

Shiller was tongue in cheek in saying James wants to be Curry, I’m sure. LeBron is LeBron. But of course James saw Curry make this move famous and gave the Golden State star his due postgame when asked about the move.

“Steph has definitely done it the most in our league,” James said. “And when you shoot the ball as beautiful and effortlessly and precisely as Steph does, he has the ultimate green light to do that because 10 times out of nine it’s going in.”

Now that’s respect. And payment. Everyone knows that’s Curry’s move, and if James is to use it, all he has to do is cite his source. Well done. Perhaps Curry or James will try to pull the maneuver when the Warriors and Lakers face each other on Monday.

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