Golden State Warriors

Think Fast! Mary Babers-Green has some tough-love advice for Warriors C James Wiseman and his subpar hands

Nobody’s perfect, right?

That’s a saying we’ve all heard and know to be true (sorry, perfectionists). The same of course applies to athletes, as well — even 19-year-old wunderkinds like Warriors center James Wiseman.

The young man has impressed mightily, especially considering he played just three games in college at Memphis last year. His shot from distance is much further developed than anyone seemingly knew, his attitude is off-the-charts good and his athleticism is as advertised.

But he does have one minor weakness: his hands are not superb. They’re slightly below average, as noted by an scouting report and The Athletic — and covered already on Bay Area Sports Hub. (Click here to read.)

Marcus Thompson of The Athletic noticed this (or said something about it for the first time) during the Warriors loss to the Pacers. He asked the below rhetorical question on Twitter, and Mary Babers-Green, Draymond Green’s mother, had this, ahem, intriguing response.

Babers-Green has been an outspoken member of DubNation since her son joined the Warriors, and she was not at all shy to interact with the media while Golden State’s dynasty flourished. Her comment above might seem a bit crass to some, but this is classic Babers-Green, and I have no doubt she would use this tactic on her own family member.

Tennis balls won’t hurt ya, anyway. They’re actually perfect for teaching your young child to catch (if ya don’t know now ya know).

And as far as Wiseman’s hands, I’m not concerned. They are not the best, but his ability to catch and dunk and do whatever he needs to do on the court with his hands is just fine. Stephen Curry, Green and the rest of the Warriors simply need to learn his radius and throw him precise passes.

But if Wiseman’s hands get worse, though that’s a long shot, he can always ask Draymond about that thing his mother suggested on Twitter. Perhaps Babers-Green could do the throwing. Hey, weirder things have happened, especially in the last year-plus.

(Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

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