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From Splash Bros. to Dribble Bros.? NBA on TNT sounds-off on Kevin Durant, James Harden and Nets

In a trade that many saw coming but still shook the NBA, James Harden is now a Brooklyn Net, joining former Warriors forward Kevin Durant and former Golden State nemesis Kyrie Irving. Click here for the complete details of the trade, courtesy of Bleacher Report.

With a new “superteam” on the scene, you know the crew at the NBA on TNT would have their say. Charles Barkley, the noted Warriors detractor, had this to say about Durant, the ex-Golden State star.

You gotta hand it to Chuck: he’s good on TV, always providing soundbites. That’s a quality line, alluding to the fact that both Harden and Irving dominate the basketball on offense. However the Nets coalesce, it will likely look nothing like the Warriors team Durant won championships with in Golden State, employing an unselfish motion offense with multiple superstars.

But Barkley was just the warm-up act for Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq went hard in the paint on Harden. Listen to the whole clip below and find the lie. I cannot.

Everyone will have something to say about the Nets, but they have the talent to make it to the NBA Finals, that’s clear. It’s up to them to play unselfish hoops so the team can thrive. The critisism from the TNT crew is valid, however. Their only chance is to let Durant lead the way completely. He’s the best player on offense and on defense, and he knows how to win it all on a team full of superstars.

But we’ll see what happens. The entire NBA has its popcorn ready for a show in Brooklyn.

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