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Jeremy Lin relinquishes fame, fortune in China to try luck in G-League, says: ‘honestly, some people think I’m crazy’

While “Linsanity” is a distant memory for much of the NBA, there’s one man that relinquished millions of dollars to rekindle that flame.

It’s Jeremy Lin, of course. The former NBA shooting-star signed with the Santa Cruz Warriors of the G-League rather than honor his lucrative contract with the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association. Now, he earns roughly the same amount as a school teacher, according to Connor Letorneau of the San Francisco Chronicle. Teachers should obviously earn a higher wage, so Lin took an enormous, unthinkable pay cut.

Here’s more of what Letourneau wrote about Lin.


“In China, I had so much fan support and so many amazing things going on,” said Lin, who paced the Beijing Ducks last season in points (22.3 per game), assists (5.6) and steals (1.8). “To surrender all of that and to come here, honestly, some people think I’m crazy.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Linsanity erupted after Lin, the Harvard product from Palo Alto, was released by the Warriors, where he signed as an undrafted player, and signed with the Knicks. This was way back in 2012. Lin went on an incredible tear, scoring an excess of 22 points and eight assists per contest in 12 games before the All-Star break. Due to his unexpected brilliance and his heritage, being of Chinese descent but born in the United States, he gained fame the world over, dubbed Linsanity.

But he could never rekindle that magic in multiple NBA stops after his run with the Knicks. He’s trying once again to prove he wasn’t just a flash in the pan in signing with the Warriors, relinquishing millions in the process. Now that’s hunger.

This isn’t strictly a feel-good story, however. Golden State could use all the help in can get on its bench, so watch this space for more Lin updates.

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