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Stephen Curry mesmerized by the footwork of Blazers’ Carmelo Anthony

You’ve gotta figure it’s not easy to impress three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry. Or to get him to slow down and watch an NBA clip 20 times if it doesn’t involve his Golden State Warriors.

Well, Carmelo Anthony done did it. The 36-year-old, 10-time All Star is known for his footwork in the triple-threat position, a la Michael Jordan or the late, great Kobe Bryant, and he was in top form recently. The visual evidence left Curry mesmerized, as you can tell from his Twitter account.

You can play the video via the tweet below

Those are indeed some nice skills from Anthony. It’s hard to believe he was without a team for a spell. It appears he has the ability to help an NBA team perhaps for a few more years, maybe until he’s 40-years old or so.

Plus, I love the “That boy good!” comment from Curry. That’s an obvious and fantastic reference to the Eddie Murphy classic “Coming to America.” That’s a must watch if you haven’t seen it, especially with a re-make in the works and set for release this year.

And another note: Curry, weather he realizes it or not, doesn’t have much more time looking up to his elders. He’s about to turn 33 years old himself, and players are already looking up to Curry as their own elder statesman.

It’s all part of the circle of life in the NBA. We’re lucky to watch Curry and Anthony play hoops with the grace of a veteran, inspiring the future of the league – even if it’s from one elder statesman to another, junior-elder, if you will.

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