Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr compares LeBron James’ Lakers to the Warriors’ 73-win team

Golden State had some time to kill this week, due to the postponement of Friday’s Suns game, and apparently coach Steve Kerr took the opportunity to compose at least one hot take.

The Warriors play the champion Lakers on Monday, and Kerr compared this year’s LA team, led by LeBron James, to Kerr’s own 73-win team, which lost in the NBA Finals, as we all know, to James and the Cavaliers.

But enough old stuff. Here’s what Kerr said, per The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

Okay, so at least Kerr used the term “kind of” in describing the similarities. But he has a point. Anyone who watched the Warriors’ five-year run to The Finals watched them become worn down a bit and be less spry in general. It’s simply difficult to maintain such consistent excellence. That’s why it’s rare to win consecutive titles.

I’d also throw in that the Warriors from 2015-16 felt disrespected by some pundits that diminished Golden State’s championship the year before due to injuries to, yes, James’ Cavaliers, in The Finals. The Lakers also may feel they have something to prove, having won the title in the Orlando bubble with no fans and other unconventional circumstances.

Bur regardless, the Warriors will do their best to beat the comfortable Lakers on Monday. It’s doubtful LA will play a gimmick zone defense against Stephen Curry and the Warriors. The Lakers are champions, and will simply play man-to-man defense. Curry has to respond, and the team has to play a perfect game, long story short, to make the night a competitive one.

If the Warriors can make it a battle, it will be beneficial, win or lose. The Lakers are that good. Kerr has to hope LA doesn’t play as well as those 73-win Warriors on Monday, however. If they do, Kerr’s present bunch wont stand a chance.

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