Golden State Warriors

Watch: Is that Steph or Reggie? Steph Curry reacts to Reggie Miller’s video commemorating Curry’s 3-point milestone

Golden State Warriors and NBA living legend Stephen Curry broke the mark of yet another NBA icon on Saturday night, besting the number of career 3-pointers by former Pacers guard Reggie Miller, and it was a special moment for each player.

Curry grew up with an NBA player, Dell Curry, the deadly reserve sharp-shooter, as a father, and young Steph’s favorite player was Miller.

And after watching a nicely produced video, tweeted by Miller, the now TNT broadcaster, it’s clear that Curry indeed emulated Miller’s game, as Curry has said in the past.

Take a look. Who’s who here?

Wow. Chills. Very cool video. “Jesus Shuttlesworth” refers to former NBA guard Ray Allen, who owns the record for career 3-pointers made, with 413 more than Miller. Allen famously appeared in the Spike Lee movie, “He Got Game” as Shuttlesworth, a fictional basketball wunderkind.

The blending of similar plays from Miller and Curry is what makes this video special. The two players are more similar in going to the hoop than I realized. Though it must be mentioned that Curry’s ability within the arch, especially his ball handling, is superior to Miller’s and maybe Miller is trying too hard to place his greatness next to Curry’s here.

But Miller was amazing, no doubt. A clear Hall of Fame player. He had the height, at 6-foot-7, to go inside, and he did so far more than I had recalled. And the two can of course fire from distance at an incredible level.

Here’s Curry’s reaction to the video, which must have been a nice break from talking about the Warriors potentially season-altering loss to Utah on Saturday night.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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