Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry explodes for 15 fourth-quarter points in a span of 3 minutes in win vs. Wolves

It was a night for something new, and also for something familiar.

Golden State used an altered starting lineup to beat the Timberwolves handily, 130-108 on Monday evening, but a sight seen often by Warriors observers sealed the victory.

That would be one Stephen Curry. The star guard exploded for 15 fourth-quarter points in a span of just over three minutes as the scrappy Wolves tried to make one more run at a potential win.

Here are the particulars, courtesy of The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

It was a beautiful sight, as is usual when Curry goes on one of his patented flurries, no matter how familiar it becomes. The NBA has simply never seen anything like him, and he got scalding hot on Monday, with seemingly the flip of a switch.

Here’s one of his deeep 3s. Look at how pumped up Draymond Green is in the foreground, too. It must feel incredible for Curry’s teammates to know they have this kind of firepower on their side.

Here’s another dagger, from roughly the same spot on the floor.

This game was all about the new starting lineup, with Curry coasting somewhat during the game, aided by a strong showing from Andrew Wiggins. But when the Wolves got within sniffing distance, Curry put on one of his trademarked magic shows.

Here are his final numbers, along with the stats for the rest of the team. They play these same Timberwolves in San Francisco on Wednesday night.

(Photo credit Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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