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Warriors coach Steve Kerr not concerned about Draymond Green’s lackluster stats

Draymond Green’s scoring statistics have declined for years but barely made waves. Now, however, with his rebounding and blocked shots numbers at career lows, there’s concern among Golden State observers.

Through 15 games, Green is averaging just 4.1 rebounds per game, his lowest average since he averaged 3.9 boards in his second year as a pro. He’s also has only two blocks on the season, or an average of 0.1 blocks a game, his career low average.

But coach Steve Kerr isn’t worried, per Wes Goldberg of The East Bay Times.

Kerr put an emphasis on Green’s fire and energy, saying that’s how he judges Green rather than statistics. Though it’s likely clear to Green that he can stack up that stats a bit more, per Kerr and by way of Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Another factor to note is Green’s minutes played. He’s averaging 26.5 minutes per contest, his lowest since his second year in the NBA. During his best years, which coincided with the Warriors best years as well, resulting in five straight trips to the NBA Finals, Green averaged more than 30 minutes a game each year, with a high of 34.7 minutes played each night in the 73-win 2015-16 campaign.

So I see why Kerr isn’t concerned at the moment. Green is still working his way back into strong physical shape after an injury-riddled season in 2020. If Green can keep his fire and inch up to playing heavier minutes, his stats, at least his rebounding and blocked shot stats, should improve.

BONUS INFO: Here’s Kerr’s complete comments, thanks to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. Kerr mentions Green is active in film session and also helps the young players on the team, as he has with high-profile rookie James Wiseman.

(Photo credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)

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