Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry calls Klay Thompson’s time around Warriors roster a ‘double-edged sword’ for his Splah Bro

Klay Thompson is a cool dude. That’s his rep, and it holds up well, even as he begins to spend more time with the Warriors as he rehabs from a season-ending Achilles tear — an injury that occurred just after he recovered from a torn ACL.

More recently, he almost crashed the internet when he appeared on the TV broadcast of Golden State’s win against the Pistons on Saturday, acting like his old self with barely a trace of sadness from being so close, yet so far, from the game of basketball that he loves.

Curry touched on that fine line on Monday, according to Wes Goldberg of The East Bay Times. Curry knows about missing time due to injury, first in his younger years with his infamous ankle issues and more recently when he broke his wrist last season.

Being so close to the team without playing might be bittersweet, but the idea is to lift Thompson’s spirits. To have two catastrophic injuries in a row must be incredibly rough. Here are more of Curry’s comments, courtesy of 95.7 The Game.

For now it seems that Klay can handle the the “double edged sword” that Curry speaks of, especially with rumors of Thompson travelling with the team, per Kevon Lonney by way of Goldberg.

So the journey with the cool Thompson continues, as he prepares to take the court next season. It started with a bang, really kicking off with his TV appearance on Saturday, as he called out Pistons guard Rodney McGruder after the buzzer, in response to McGruder approaching the Golden State bench.

We’ll see what else is in store for Thompson. He’ll do all he can to stay on the bright side, with the help of Curry and the rest of the squad, thus avoiding the business end of that metaphorical sword. And all the Warriors can do is wait for their star shooting guard to be healthy once again so they can start chasing championships in earnest.

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