Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Stephen Curry amplifies an important message about the WNBA

It’s been a wild year plus in the world and the United States — in multiple different ways — but the basketball players of the WNBA made a positive impact that very few did. The had the wherewithal and impressive fortitude to do so, and they advanced the cause for social justice.

Most notably, the league rallied against former Geogia Senator, Kelly Loeffler, after the co-owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream spoke out against the phrase Black Lives Matter. Loeffler lost her Senate seat after the WNBA spoke out against her, and she is reported to be in the process of selling the franchise.

Furthermore, former WNBA star Maya Moore helped to free an innocent Black man from prison after a long effort. There are undoubtedly more examples, and Warriors guard Stephen Curry recognized the impactful year from the WNBA via his Twitter account.

Curry is father to two daughters, and he isn’t shy about womens’ rights issues.

He’s also been outspoken himself, getting into a Twitter beef with the last president, who was legit crazy (I get no pleasure from typing that) and shall remain unnamed.

So Curry will continue to fight for social justice as will the WNBA. As the Warriors like to say, Strength in Numbers.

(Photo credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

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