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New Curry 8 ‘Beautiful Flow’ from Stephen Curry and Curry Brand recognizes Black History Month, Baltimore artists’ philanthropy

Stephen Curry isn’t shy about his new Curry 8 line of shoes, and his company is giving fans what they want: more Curry sneakers.

Curry and his Curry Brand has partnered with Baltimore artist, community leader, Gordon Parks Foundation Fellow and Under Armour photographer, Devin Allen to celebrate Baltimore’s Black community and Black History Month at large.

They’ve released the special edition Curry 8 colorway, inspired by Allen’s recent book, “Beautiful Ghetto,” a collection of photos that immortalizes the beauty in Baltimore’s overlooked neighborhoods. The colorway is called “Beautiful Flow” and celebrates the resilience of Baltimore’s young athletes and the power of community, according to the Curry Brand.

Here’s another photo of the Curry 8 Beautiful Flow, courtesy of Under Armour and Curry Brand.

The Curry 8 Beautiful Flow

Additionally, Curry and Allen are teaming up with former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and Level 82 Fund to build an outdoor court at West Baltimore’s Hilton Recreation Center, per Under Armour.

The shoe is currently available and part of the profits go to Wide Angle Youth Media’s youth development programming, and you can purchase them here.

(Photo courtesy of Curry Brand/Under Armour)

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