Golden State Warriors

Watch: NBA showcases Steph Curry’s prowess in the paint to hype Warriors’ prime-time game vs. Mavericks

Obviously, Stephen Curry can shoot from distance. The Warriors’ leading man paces the NBA in 3-pointers made this season, and his career totals speak for themselves.

But he’s brilliant in the paint, too. That fact may also be well-known, but it’s not celebrated nearly as much as his earth-shattering ability from distance. The NBA made sure we’re all up to speed on what Curry can do near the bucket and released the below video to hype the Warriors’ prime-time Saturday night game with the Mavericks.

So enjoy this rare Curry highlight package without a 3-pointer to speak of.

Those are some incredible moves. How can this part of his game be an afterthought? Honestly though, it’s not surprising. That’s how amazing Curry is when he shoots his shot from every distance imaginable.

It all works together for Curry, however. His deadly shot puts defenders in a blender. They have to crowd Curry as soon as — or before — he crosses half-court, giving Curry the opportunity the make a hesitation move and blow by his defender. If he’s in the triple-treat position, he can make a ball fake and go right around his opposition.

The NBA is clearly ready for a show Saturday night, so we’ll see what Curry and Golden State has in store for the Mavericks. They almost certainly won’t score 147 points again and blow Dallas out as they did they other day. But it’s safe to say that more Curry highlights will be created in this prime-time affair.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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