Golden State Warriors

For 2nd time this season, Stephen Curry places his name alongside ex-Warriors great, Wilt Chamberlain

So who thought Stephen Curry would struggle this year without Klay Thompson and ex-Warriors forward, Kevin Durant? Man, were they wrong.

That includes Damian Lillard, by the way and for the record.

But Curry’s game has grown with age, and he is ballin’ out of control, despite his team’s 12-11 record. For the second time this season, he’s placed his name among one the best scorers in Warriors and NBA history, the legendary Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain.

Funny, there’s Lillard’s name again. No wonder he was hating a bit on Curry.

But two double-nickels in a season for the Golden Child? Curry’s career high before the 2021 campaign was 54 points, set way back in 2013. This season, he’s already scored 62 points — against Lillard’s Blazers — and erupted for 57 points in a loss at Dallas on Saturday, as alluded to in the above tweet. Following that defeat, coach Steve Kerr said Curry is playing his best-ever basketball.

And to be mentioned alongside Chamberlain, who was the ultimate scorer from the center position, starring on the San Francisco Warriors in the early ’60s, it’s clear Curry is getting better with age, not worse. When his Splash Brother, Klay Thompson returns, he’ll have the extra help needed to contend for another championship.

But for now, Curry and crew are just trying to make the playoffs. They’ll have a chance to notch a win Monday night against the Spurs in San Antonio.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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