Golden State Warriors

Warriors F and Oakland native Juan Toscano-Anderson was ‘salty’ when team traded Monta Ellis, kept Steph Curry

Life can be a bit weird for Warriors fans at times. Especially if you find yourself actually on the team.

That’s the situation for Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson. As an Oakland native, he grew up a fan of Golden State. And therefore, he had an opinion when the Warriors traded former fan favorite, Monta Ellis, back in 2012.

According to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, Toscano-Anderson had a reaction that was common at the time: he hated to see Ellis leave the Bay Area, though it cleared the way for a small point guard from Davidson, named Stephen Curry, to take control of the team.

That’s hilarious. But who would know that Curry would eventually lead the team to three championships? With the help of Andrew Bogut, who arrived in the Ellis trade, to boot?

I’ll say that I loved the Ellis trade. I knew Curry was the better option to make the team around him better as well. It wasn’t easy to see then, but Curry was simply the better player.

But wow, for all the fans that felt the same way that Toscano-Anderson did, there can be only one that actually gets to benefit directly from Curry’s presence, and that’s JTA. Talk about living the dream.

The Warriors recent greatness seems like a dream, as well. After so many downtrodden years, it’s no wonder the fan base hated to see Ellis leave. Now, times have certainly changed, and the Warriors’ prominence in the NBA simply seems unreal at times. So I suppose all Warriors fans are living the dream, not just Toscano-Anderson. I’d say that’s a great deal for everyone.

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