Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Stephen Curry emulating the great Michael Jordan in multiple ways

Stephen Curry continued his spectacular performance in this season’s early going on Tuesday night, and this time it resulted in a win for his Warriors, as they bested the Spurs, 114-91.

Curry had 32 points in 32 minutes on 11-for-20 field goal shooting, hitting four of 10 from 3-point range. But it was his plays at the basket, one in particular, that had the entire NBA talking.

Here it is courtesy of the Warriors’ official Twitter account. The awareness from Curry here is other-worldly.

And that other world is the land of the legendary, and almost unparalleled, NBA superstar from years past, Michael Jordan, the six-time champion with the Chicago Bulls. Warriors coach Steve Kerr played with Jordan and wasn’t shy to make a comparison. That play from Curry was, unbelievably, a staple of Jordan’s game.

How many players get compared to Jordan in today’s NBA? Almost none. Except for Curry, and perhaps LeBron James, simply for his own brand of dominance. But Curry pulled off a legit Jordan impression.

And there’s more. Per ESPN, Curry’s scoring pace over this season’s first 25 games rivals Jordan, as well — for old guys, that is.

Could Curry return from an extended absence and lead his team to more championships, as Jordan did? He’ll likely need his Splash Bro, Klay Thompson, to achieve that. Thompson will be back from injury next season.

But Curry says he feels stronger than ever, and Kerr says he’s playing his best-ever basketball. Golden State appears primed for an old-man-Jordan type of title run next season.

This year, however, Curry is simply keeping his team afloat as they learn to play as a cohesive unit while attempting to make the playoffs. Golden State’s record sits at 13-12 and they’ll next play the Magic on Thursday night.

Will Curry do more Michael Jordan things in that game? He seems capable of nearly anything at this point, as he continues to put on a show rarely seen in the history if the NBA.


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