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Warriors coach Steve Kerr one-ups Super Bowl champion QB Tom Brady as few others can

It’s the week after the Super Bowl, and the entire sports world is buzzing, especially in appreciation and awe of quarterback Tom Brady.

Well, except for Warriors coach Steve Kerr, that is.

In a fact that’s hard to comprehend for many sports fans, Brady has seven NFL titles on his resume. But Kerr’s not impressed. He joked on the air at 95.7 The Game that Brady’s career totals are no big deal to him, since Kerr’s the owner of eight NBA championship rings himself.

Here’s Kerr’s quote, courtesy of the radio home of the Warriors. Click the link for the entire 20 minute interview.

So Kerr’s got jokes, huh? Not bad. Kerr won five NBA titles as a player, three with Michael Jordan and the Bulls and two with the Spurs. Add his three titles as Warriors coach and voila, Tom Brady is looking up at Kerr, not the other way around.

Can Brady catch coach Kerr? He’s a 43-year-old QB, so no, probably not. Though I wouldn’t put it past him. He’ll likely have to become a coach like Kerr to pull that off.

Kerr’s a great role model for Brady if that’s the route he takes. Three championships as a coach, and he still has Stephen Curry on his team to build around, along with the No. 2 overall choice in this year’s draft, James Wiseman. That must be why Kerr is in a joking mood despite his team’s relative struggles.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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