Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Steph Curry reaching heights unseen since Michael Jordan yet again

Michael Jordan is one of a kind. Few, if any, have dominated the NBA from the perimeter as he did in the ’80s and ’90s.

That must be why Warriors guard Stephen Curry keeps getting compared to His Airness. Jordan could score field goals at an incredible, efficient pace, and Curry is doing the same, even at 33 years of age. His latest sensational performance resulted in a 111-105 win against the Magic on Thursday night.

Just before that victory, Curry was compared to Jordan in multiple ways, and now this info from Stats by STATS, released after Golden State’s Thursday win, compares the two yet again.

So Curry still has three games to catch Jordan in this impressive metric, which tells you how great the six time champion for the Bulls indeed was. But no other player is scratching at the surface of Jordan’s scoring greatness as Curry can.

Here’s more data from the latest Jordan-like, eight-game stretch from Curry, courtesy of ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

That adds up to nearly 57 percent shooting for the field and 56 percent from 3-point range, all while scoring 35 points on average. That’s indeed reminiscent of the great Jordan. No other guard in the modern NBA has been compared to Jordan as often as Curry, save for the late great Kobe Bryant.

Curry is building his own brand of greatness, however, even with these Jordan comparisons. The Warriors superstar has revolutionized the 3-point shot, hitting from distance in a variety of ways, all demoralizing for the opponent. Golden State is emboldened, on the other hand, and the new roster is seemingly beginning to understand how to get Curry the ball in key spots.

The entire team will have their next chance to impress on Saturday night, against former Warrior Kevin Durant and the Nets in primetime. Will Curry be compared to Jordan again? Don’t be surprised if he is. Because nobody can dominate the NBA from the perimeter in 2021 like Curry, the new-age version of Michael Jordan.

(Photo credit Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)


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