Golden State Warriors

Listen: Warriors’ Steph Curry thankful for his fans, health, having fun, upon earning All-Star start

Lucky No. 7 sounds good to Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Curry was voted as a starter on this year’s NBA All-Star team, his seventh appearance at the mid-season showcase and his sixth as one of the first 10 players to hit the court.

It a tweet from his official account, Curry thanked his fans and teammates and released this slick video compete with voice-over and a fantastic musical score. Give it a listen and a look:

Man, that’s a thing of beauty. Fantastic video production, and I love that track. It’s “Move on Up” by Cutis Mayfield, also made famous by Kanye West, when he sampled the music to create his hit “Touch the Sky.”

Curry says he’s thankful for his health, that he can enjoy the game he loves, and for having fun and getting better with his teammates. And of course, he loves the joy. “And bring joy to the floor. That’s obviously a great feeling. That makes it all worth it,” he says in the clip.

The selection clearly brings joy to Curry as well, and rightfully so. But my question is this: can Curry hit 10 All-Star games before his career is done? All-Star appearances don’t make the legacy, but they don’t hurt. I used to think he had no chance at hitting double digits, but his trainer says he can play at a high level for perhaps seven more years.

So what do you think? Will Curry hit No. 10? Or would you rather just enjoy No. 7? I wouldn’t blame you for that. The entire NBA is hoping Curry puts on a show at this year’s can’t-miss exhibition.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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