Golden State Warriors

NBA last two minute report finds only one error in Warriors’ loss to Hornets

It couldn’t have been a happy night inside the Warriors’ locker room after Saturday’s wild loss to the Hornets, but according to the NBA, the night went off with barely a hitch.

That’s essentially what the league said in releasing its last two minute report, as is customary for every game. Though the Warriors’ loss was all but customary, with Draymond Green earning a double-technical foul with fewer than 10 seconds left in the game after a questionable call by the officials, awarding Charlotte possession when Green thought a jump ball was in order.

There was just one admitted mistake, and it benefited the Warriors, per 95.7 The Game’s John Dickinson.

Welp, that about covers it. Sometimes NBA players can use these reports as, at the least, a bit of motivation — an added chip to their shoulder, if you will. But not this time. Even after all of this happened:

I suppose Green always has a chip on his shoulder, but still. He clearly thought he was very, very correct about all of this.

Now, the Warriors have two crucial games coming up after losing not one but two heart-breakers to the Magic and Hornets, first against the Knicks on Tuesday and then the Pacers on Wednesday. With a record of 16-15, Golden State doesn’t want their season to start sinking after all the work they’ve done to progress this far.

(Photo credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)

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