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Draymond Green says double-techs vs. Hornets felt worse than Game 5 suspension in 2016 NBA Finals

After the dust has settled on the Warriors’ wild loss to the Hornets on Saturday, Draymond Green, who caused quite the clutch-time commotion in Charlotte, told everyone how he feels about being ejected in the game’s final seconds, potentially costing his team a win.

Of course, Green was called for a double technical foul with fewer than 10 seconds remaining, giving the Hornets two free throws and possession of the ball and ultimately, the game.

As it turns out, he was “pissed” initially, but now he feels pretty rotten about it — rotten enough to bring up his one-game suspension in the 2016 NBA Finals against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. He said the mishap in Charlotte “bothered me more,” and said why. Here’s part of his statement, per Marcus Thompson of The Athletic.

Is Green alluding to the provocation from James in 2016, when Green got stepped over by the former Cavaliers star, earning a swipe to the groin from Green? Must be. There was no provocation from the Hornets the other night, that’s for sure. Also, Green had to wait for the verdict from the NBA commissioner after that infamous incident in the finals.

Green also said that at 30 years of age, he should know better by now. Additionally, he said he’s disappointed in himself because his teammates don’t know winning as much as he does, and they fought hard to beat the Hornets without help from Steph Curry, who was out with an illness. Furthermore, he said his move in Charlotte was so terrible, he didn’t deserve the support he got from his team that night.

Green appears to be doing some serious soul searching. To bring up the 2016 finals — when the Warriors lost after securing a 3-1 series lead, with their collapse having, at the very least, a bit to do with Green’s suspension — is sure to bring up heavy emotions. It’s been said by many, myself included, that Green’s tirades will never go away because his fire is part of what makes him great. I’ve also said Green is worth the trouble, tirades and all.

But is it possible that this was a turning point for Green? He must realize that the Warriors still have a championship window that’s slightly open, thanks to the brilliance of his longtime superstar teammate, Curry, but it won’t be as easy this time. What do you think? Can Green avoid suspension or ejection for the remainder of the campaign? If he can, that’s an unexpected bonus, especially if he can play at an All-Star level, as he has in the past.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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