Golden State Warriors

Warriors are a hit: Majority of Golden State’s second-half games scheduled for national TV

NBA TV ratings rule the world when it comes to nationally-televised games, and it’s clear that fans love the show that’s been put on in Golden State.

Despite a spotty 18-15 record, superstar Stephen Curry is still must-watch TV, even when he’s scuffling a tad, as he currently is. Draymond Green does stuff on the court that only he can. Rookie James Wiseman is a baby monster at center. Reclamation project Andrew Wiggins, a former No. 1 overall pick, is thriving as a role-playing starter. New wing Kelly Oubre blows kisses and has the game to back it up, finally.

As a result, Golden State has the third-highest national TV appeal in the NBA at last check, right behind the Lakers and Clippers and just ahead of the Nets.

So it’s no surprise that when the NBA released its second-half schedule, the Warriors were prominently featured. Per Steve Berman of The Athletic, more than half of the Warriors’ games after the break will be on national TV.

The NBA released its second-half schedule on Wednesday, and once again it was clear that they consider the Warriors one of the league’s top national TV draws. Starting with the first game after the All-Star break (at home against the Clippers), the Warriors will be on TNT four times. They’ll also be on ABC once and on ESPN seven times during the second half, along with six games on NBA TV. So out of 35 second-half games for the Warriors, just over half will be shown on national TV.

The Athletic/Steve Berman

Alright, this should be fun, as long as the Warriors win their share of games, of course. But the team in improving and I expect the second half of the season to be an exciting show, no doubt.

Plus, this is a boon for the franchise. There was no guarantee Golden State would regain its popularity, lost after the fall of its dynasty that produced three NBA titles in the latter half of the last decade. But they are still appointment television. Owner Joe Lacob must be happy, and he’ll be watching the last half of the season closer than anyone. No pressure or anything.

But led by Curry, who’s seen it all, not to mention coach Steve Kerr, who’s seen even more, the entire NBA is clearly confident in Golden State’s ability to put on a show and are primed for more, and that’s exactly what they’ll get.

(Photo credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

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