Creditor reveals rare ‘level of detail’ in scorching allegations directed at Sharks’ Evander Kane, bankruptcy filling

In an impressive show of concentration, Sharks left winger Evander Kane scored two goals in San Jose’s heartbreaking loss to the Blues on Saturday.

He must have had a lot on his mind. Shortly before the game, scathing and personal allegations from a creditor, related to Kane’s bankruptcy filling, became public. According to one expert, the creditor went ‘above and beyond’ with its rebuke of Kane.

Here’s part of a motion filed by Zions Bancorp on Friday regarding Kane, who filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection a month ago. He declared $26.8 million in debt, including $1.5 million in gambling debt, despite signing a $49 million contract in 2018.

“Kane has a serious gambling problem … Kane gambles heavily and makes poor, self-centered financial decisions. He ought not be allowed to continue handling his substantial salary and bonuses, or be allowed to continue gambling and speculating with his income instead of committing it to his creditors … Kane has frittered away significant amounts of money, in actual gambling at many different venues and in many different ways.”

Partial statement from Zions Bancorp via The Athletic

Okay then. Seems there’s some hard feelings here, in an understatement.

Per The Athletic, the motion also criticized Kane’s wife, claiming that she receives an exorbitant amount in child care — $12,000 per month — to support a rotation of 24-hour nurses but does not have a job.

According to Drew Hawkins, founder of Edyoucore and a financial consultant for athletes, this motion was rare in its vindictiveness, and perhaps went too far, per The Athletic.

“I have never seen that level of detail,” Hawkins said, “that level of judgment … It goes above and beyond being a creditor. To challenge his wife’s ability of being a mother. What gives them the right?”

I don’t know about what actually happened with the bankruptcy filling — and there are more allegations in the motion, revealed in The Athletic’s story — but I do know that the level of detail revealed is indeed rare, certainly when it comes to public consumption.

It can’t be easy for all of that dirty laundry to be out in the open for Kane, especially as the Sharks try to form an identity in this pandemic-affected season. Here’s to hoping these legal matters are sorted out sooner than later and everyone can get on with their lives.

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