Golden State Warriors

Watch: Steph Curry gives sneak preview of his NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest performance

The NBA All-Star game and surrounding activities are all an exhibition. But that doesn’t mean the players aren’t trying to win.

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has already won the 3-point contest once, back in 2015. That’s no surprise, given that Curry is considered by many NBA observers to be the best shooter in league history.

It appears that one trophy isn’t enough for Curry, however. Current and former players say that if you want to win the 3-point shootout, you’ve got to practice. Here’s Curry doing just that, courtesy of his official Twitter account.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Only a few missed shots.

But honestly, if Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, shouldn’t he have more than one win in the 3-point shootout? I say yes, he should. He’s had some tough battles though, including when he lost to his Splash Bro, Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

But it’s not the 3-point contest alone that makes a player great. Curry is considered the greatest shooter in history because it comes so naturally to him, while the 3-point contest is a manufactured event. That explains why he hasn’t dominated, and it also spells out why he’s practicing.

It’s because though the contest is an exhibition, he wants to win. Perhaps he can used the contest to warm up, since it’s before the All-Star game this year, and continue to light it up in the game. Anything is possible during All-Star weekend, or in this year’s case, All-Star Sunday.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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