Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry wins his second career NBA Three-Point Contest in dramatic fashion.

You could tell at the very end that it was a bit more than an exhibition.

Stephen Curry won his second career NBA Three-Point Contest on Sunday, which was just before the All-Star game in this year’s pandemic-shortened format. He was the clear favorite, but Curry needed multiple clutch shots to bring the trophy home.

Before we jump to the conclusion, however, take a look at Curry’s first round. He scored a high mark for this year’s competition, 31. Notice at the very end of the video how the net barely even moves when Curry drains the shot. Incredible.

Reggie Miller, the former NBA great and 3-point specialist, said that round put the “fear of God” into Curry’s opponents. That looked to be the case until Utah’s Mike Conley Jr. scored 27, just before Curry’s second and final round.

Curry scored his 28th point on his last attempt from the corner, in a true clutch shooting exhibition. Curry hit both extra-long “Mountain Dew” basketball shots, which are worth 3 points rather than two like the red white and blue “moneyballs” are, and he needed every bucket.

Here’s the footage, and watch Curry celebrate. This meant something to him.

What a show. And why shouldn’t Curry get a little emotional? He’s the best shooter of all time, and he had only gained one of these trophies. He had to have at least two. Hopefully he goes for No. 3 next year, because that was a lot of fun for the entire NBA.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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