Golden State Warriors

Watch: Warriors teammates, coach Steve Kerr congratulate Steph Curry on all-time assist mark in Golden State

Stephen Curry doesn’t just score, he assists, too.

That’s a huge understatement considering that the Warriors superstar just became the franchise-leader in career assists during Monday’s loss to the Lakers, breaking Guy Rodgers’ 55-year-old franchise record of 4,855.

But Curry’s perception around much of the NBA is that of a scorer only. His ability to pour on the points simply overshadows everything, not only in his game, but the entire league at times. His recognition as a passer often gets lost.

Not to worry, however. The Warriors made Curry a video. Check it out, courtesy of the Warriors’ Twitter account.

You’ve got to love center Kevon Looney. He’s clearly still amazed Curry is his teammate. Kent Bazemore, too. Kerr’s quote is special as well, and it’s cut in will with some nostalgic clips. I’m a sucker for that stuff.

That’s because I remember when Curry’s passing was more impressive than his scoring. It didn’t last long, perhaps his rookie season. But Curry hadn’t yet blossomed as a full-on one-man wrecking crew as a shot-maker. The potential was clearly there, but it took time.

His passing, however, made for some entertaining ballgames on a bad club his rookie year, especially on a run of good basketball, led by Curry, that netted former coach Don Nelson his record-breaking win, to become the winning-est coach in NBA history.

Don Nelson’s record, Steph Curry’s record, what goes around, comes around, especially when your naturally gifted as Curry is. Now, we’ll just wait to see if his teammate, Draymond Green, can catch up to him on this all-time Warriors assists list. Now that would be something.

(Photo credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

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