Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr say’s he has ‘no idea’ if Steph Curry will play vs. Memphis; Would G Jordan Poole start in his place?

Golden State cruised to victory against the Rockets on Wednesday, winning 108-94, but the night included a serious down note.

Star guard Stephen Curry bruised his tailbone during a scary play at the end of the third-quarter. Here’s a look via NBC Sports.

Thank goodness it’s just a bruise. Those metal stairs look painful, especially with how Curry landed. Coach Steve Kerr said he’s not sure if Curry will play Friday against the Grizzlies, per NBC Sports’ Drew Shiller.

My guess is that Curry doesn’t play. He walked off the court verrry gingerly.

So who would start in his place? Guard Jordan Poole is, surprisingly, a solid candidate. I say surprisingly because Poole’s rookie season a year ago was a mixed bag at best. He looked lost out there at times, mostly from pressing too much, in my opinion.

But Poole’s been on fire over his last six games in Golden State. According to the Warriors’ PR department. Check these stats out.

Poole got hot in the G-League bubble and he still hasn’t cooled off, hitting a career-high six 3-pointers on his way to 23 points in 25 minutes off the bench in Houston. He only hit two 2-point shots, but they were both extremely impressive runs to the rim with high-level finishes, including a 3-point play the hard way thanks to a foul.

Kerr was impressed postgame, to no surprise.

Change the look of the team? At 21-20 and playoff seeding on the line, Golden State could use some of that, preferably off the bench.

But what if Curry has to miss a game or even two? Would Kerr put more weight on Poole’s shoulders and start him?

It seems like a perfect fit in what would be a disaster scenario (especially with center James Wiseman and forward Eric Paschall out seven days due to virus tracing). But I’m not sure if Kerr would do it. I almost don’t want him to.

Long term, the Warriors need Poole to be accustomed to providing a lift off the bench. So Kerr will probably keep him there and play him increased minutes. No need to put more pressure on him, especially with his early-career jitters in mind.

Keep Poole in the groove he’s in. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hope Curry misses zero games. But if Poole does stand in for the NBA superstar for a game or two, it would be fun to see how he would react. He’s playing so well right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took full advantage.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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