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At least one NBA writer thinks the Warriors should parlay Kelly Oubre Jr. into Magic F Aaron Gordon

It’s NBA trade season, and if actual rumors weren’t enough, opinions about what teams should do are flying in typical frenzied fashion.

Such is the allure of the NBA trade market. One big move can alter the landscape of the league. And we’ve seen that happen with increasing frequency in the last decade or so.

The Athletic’s John Hollinger came up with a few trade ideas of his very own, and one included the Warriors. He thinks Golden State should parlay guard Kelly Oubre’s expiring contract into explosive Magic forward Aaron Gordon, who is also a Bay Area native.

Let’s close this down with one final round of craziness: A four-team deal centered on Aaron Gordon going to Golden State for Kelly Oubre.

With the Warriors having a shooting guard who can actually shoot returning to the lineup next year, they need to cash in their Oubre stock before he hits free agency.

John Hollinger/The Athletic

And here are the details, in visual form, courtesy of The Athletic.

Hey, he’s the one who said it. Craziness. But how crazy, really? Though this scenario sends center Kevon Looney his walking papers, this trade-time fantasy is based in reality

As Hollinger noted, this is all about “cashing in on the Oubre stock.” Oubre is gone after this season unless the cash-strapped Warriors can re-sign him. If he walks, Golden State gets nothing. It’s a very real possibility he’s dealt.

If the Warriors were to trade Oubre, Gordon would be a more than fair return. He’s a solid all-around player, and the former NBA Dunk contest show-stopper is explosive, too.

He has one more year on his contract than Oubre, so general manager Bob Myers could turn his Oubre trade into two seasons of solid return instead of one. And he could always trade Gordon and keep the Oubre deal rolling.

What do you think about Hollinger’s idea here? I kinda like it. I’ve realized the reality that Oubre could be dealt, and it’s fun to think about what Myers could do. Just don’t get rid of Loon if you can help it.

(Photo credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

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