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Back in tha Bay: 49ers sign Cal product C Alex Mack

You know the saying: there’s no place like home.

The 49ers signed former standout at UC Berkeley, center Alex Mack on Thursday. A first-round pick out of Cal in 2009, he’s had an All Pro and Pro Bowl career for the Browns and Falcons with an excellent track record for health, too.

He’s started all 16 games an incredible 10 times in his career, and started 14 games last year in Atlanta. He’s 35 years of age now, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

But Mack is familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s offense thanks to the coach’s stints in Cleveland and Atlanta.

“I’ve done these plays,” Mack said. “I know how it fits together. I enjoy running the ball. It’s a system that I know I do well in. … It’s something I’m comfortable with. I’m good at it. I’m confident in it. And I know I can do it well.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Mack’s ideal fit and talent demanded a reported $5.5 million over one season.

Now, I’ve got to say that Mack is actually from Santa Barbara, but he was a beast at Cal, so I’m claiming him for the Bay Area. It’s fantastic to see him in the region again. If he can stay healthy, the 49ers just got one of the best centers in the NFL.

(Photo courtesy of John Martinez Pavliga)

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