Golden State Warriors

Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. can’t get on the same page from 3-point land

In 2021, it’s seemed as though the Warriors are playing shorthanded on offense at times, slogging through the mud in an attempt to score points, despite the presence of superstar guard Stephen Curry.

Stats compiled by GSWReddit make sense of it all. Check it out. New wings Kelly Oubre Jr. and Andrew Wiggins have each shot well from distance during stretches this season, but never at the same time. They took turns; first Wiggins was hot, then Oubre, and now it’s Wiggins that’s hot again while Oubre is ice cold.

Perhaps the trade rumors that have resurfaced around Oubre are impacting his performance lately. Wiggins’ play seems to weigh on how healthy and rested he feels. His slump coincided with multiple appearances on the injury report for lower body issues.

This is a large part of why coach Steve Kerr has called for more offense from anyone not named Curry. He’s getting that now, from guard Jordan Poole, but if Wiggins and Oubre can get cooking at the same time, that would alter the team drastically.

The time might be running out, with the possibility of an Oubre trade. But the above statistical see-saw has impacted the Warriors’ season mightily thus far.

(Photo credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports)

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