Golden State Warriors

Warriors coach Steve Kerr says G Kelly Oubre Jr. is ‘definitely coveted’ as NBA trade deadline draws near

March 25. That’s the date when much in the NBA could change, and rumors can become reality.

It’s the league’s trade deadline, of course. This season, as the date draws near, the Warriors have rumors swirling around them. They mostly involve talented guard Kelly Oubre Jr. and his expiring contract.

Coach Steve Kerr told reporters he’s talked to Oubre about the reality of the situation. Here’s a portion of Kerr’s quote and the full clip courtesy of The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

This is one of Kerr’s best strengths: relating to his players. Kerr was a fringe player before he found a home with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and won championships, so he’s seen it all.

But what I like most is Kerr’s comment about how coveted Oubre is in the NBA. It’s an obvious statement, but still, Kerr has an insider’s look at how much demand there is for Oubre, one would think. So to hear him say that definitely perks my ears up.

It sure seems as though the Warriors will trade Oubre. If they can get a good deal, they should. General manager Bob Myers knows he needs viable pieces not only this year, but next as well, and most of all. That’s when guard Klay Thompson comes back and the championship chase will be on.

If Oubre was projected to be affordable for the salary-heavy Warriors, they might opt to re-sign him. He’s been solid overall, especially on defense, and his potential is immense.

Golden State almost assuredly can’t afford Oubre’s next contract, however, and if Myers could move Oubre’s current deal and bring Magic forward Aaron Gordon to the Bay Area, for example, that could be a huge boost for superstar Stephen Curry’s squad.

(Photo credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

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