Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr says Warriors can win with James Wiseman, Jordan Poole learning on the job

Suddenly, it’s youth first for coach Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors.

It’s not that the franchise has shut the door on the playoffs, with its very average 22-22 record. But Kerr sent a signal when he announced rookie center James Wiseman will be his starter the rest of the year. He’s willing to absorb mistakes from the 19-year-old if it helps Wiseman’s development.

But is it necessarily one or the other? As in, either go for every win or give young players, guard Jordan Poole included, increased court time, relinquishing any shot at victory in the process?

Kerr, unsurprisingly, said that’s not the case, per NBC Sports’ Drew Shiller.

First of all, it’s fantastic to have two former first-round picks to get excited about in Wiseman and Poole. But they’re learning on the job, especially Wiseman. There will be mistakes.

But can Kerr win ballgames with those two playing heavy minutes?

Well, since Golden State doesn’t have a winning record, I say Kerr can win at least as much as the team has been thus far.

And that’s the determining factor. Golden State simply hasn’t been that good, so there’s not much to risk by playing those youngsters.

When star guard Stephen Curry returns from his tailbone injury, gaining familiarity with Wiseman and Poole will be a goal, just as the playoffs still are. Plus, it’s smart to think ahead to next season when G Klay Thompson returns and the championship chase will be on again in Golden State.

(Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

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