Golden State Warriors

One Warrior says James Wiseman needs to be more vocal on defense for Golden State

Sometimes when nothing is going right, it’s hard to talk about.

That could be what’s happening on defense for the Warriors in general, and per center Kevon Looney, rookie C James Wiseman has fallen into a bad habit on that side of the court.

Per The Mercury News’ Wes Goldberg, Looney said it would help the entire team if Wiseman spoke up from his defensive position in the paint.

The statement came after the Warriors embarrassingly-bad defensive performance against the Hawks, so Looney spoke at moment of possible frustration, but his comment is easy to believe.

Wiseman is just 19 years old, though it’s clearly not ideal that the rookie hasn’t progressed further at this point of the season. Rather, he appears to be regressing, along with the rest of his team.

What’s most concerning, however, is that forward Draymond Green hasn’t instilled this quality into Wiseman already. There are plenty of games to correct this problem, however, and Golden State has to fix it, along with a bevy of issues at the season marches toward the playoffs.

(Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

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