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Report: NFL expected to implement 17-game regular-season schedule

The arduous road to the ultimate NFL spectacle, the Super Bowl, just became more challenging.

That’s the word on the street, anyway. League insider Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the NFL is expected to alter its schedule, increasing the number of games from 16 to 17.

He notes that 16 games has been the norm since 1978, so perhaps NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the team owners he represents feel the change is due. The NFL played a 12-game schedule in the late ’40s and throughout the ’50s, moving to 14 regular-season games a year starting in 1960.

Well, first of all, this is huge news. I’ll be curious about what the players’ union will say about this. It’s more wear and tear on the players, but more revenue for the entire league, mostly the team owners, one would figure. The league already expanded the playoffs, and fans have proven they’ll watch all the football they can.

But I don’t follow the logic here. The longer time goes on, the more games there should be? So in 20 years, there should be another game added onto the schedule? Not based on anything other than 20 years have passed? No on-the-field factors to consider?

The football season is already too long, in my opinion. The sport was meant to be played through fall, not into the winter. Football has grown into that, however, and I understand and even enjoy how long the season is.

Because 16 games is already a marathon. Keep an eye on this story as it develops and we cover it here at the BASH.

(Photo courtesy Zennie Abraham)

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