Golden State Warriors

Don’t call him ‘Big Jim’: Power Ranking James Wiseman’s potential nicknames

Nicknames. Some hate them. Some love them. And everyone knows that once in a while, they simply happen organically and catch fire.

Warriors center James Wiseman, as the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft with obvious physical gifts, is seemingly waiting for that shoe to drop. Fans of the 7-foot-1 kid from Memphis are letting the nicknames fly, as are reporters and media personalities in the Bay Area.

So which nicknames have potential? Which ones should we throw away? Wiseman himself said he’s not fond of one early contender, “Big Jim.” But I think that nickname is on the right track. More on that in a bit.

I’ll get there as I rank every potential Wiseman nickname I’ve heard, starting with the type of nickname everyone must do their best to avoid: the used, retread variety. I’ll end with a name I blurted out during a game, inspired by Wiseman’s play on the court.

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