Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry’s tailbone is still a problem in Golden State

After the Warriors’ 116-109 loss to the Heat on Thursday, the focus shifted to guard Stephen Curry and his very obviously still-sore tailbone.

Could he play against the Raptors in a day’s time? Curry said that at the moment, he didn’t have an answer. Plus, he revealed that he had a rough day after his first game back from his tailbone contusion against the Bulls on Monday.

And there it is. The Warriors’ fate depends on how Curry wakes up in the morning. No surprise there, right?

But seriously, his tailbone still appears very tender, and I’m not a doctor, but it might not heal at this rate. After watching him play against the Bulls, I’m not surprised to know Curry felt sore on Tuesday, and the problem is still very evident.

Here’s Curry falling on his backside against the Heat, also courtesy of The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

That simply doesn’t look good.

Should Curry be playing? I understand the urgency and also that the medical staff has cleared him, but how high are the stakes, really? Golden State is struggling to make the playoffs, let alone win a championship.

I say coach Steve Kerr should drastically reduce Curry’s minutes. I also think Curry should play a bit more conservatively, a bit of a decoy, if you will — one that is deadly from 3-point range, of course.

I’m most worried about Curry’s wrists and arms. He’s been using them to reach backward and break his fall. That could lead to a brand-new injury.

And of course, that tailbone has to heal. Curry’s health is paramount, and though he might not want to hear it, Kerr should take the cautious approach.

(Photo credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports)

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