Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry describes ‘terrible feeling’ inside Warriors locker room after winless road trip

It’s never fun to lose, especially three games in a row. Three road-game defeats and then a plane ride home? Even worse.

So you can bet that after the Warriors completed a winless three-game trip with a 117-111 loss to the Hawks in Atlanta, superstar guard Stephen Curry couldn’t help but express his frustration.

Curry scored 37 points after missing Golden State’s last game due to his sore tailbone, but in a recurring theme this season, fouls and turnovers did the Warriors in yet again.

“Sucks right now. Losing Sucks,” Curry said. “It’s a terrible feeling in the locker room. We don’t really have much to smile about. That’s kind of the vibe right now.”

Here’s the full comment from Curry, courtesy of Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

Higher expectations? Same, Steph. Same.

But the Warriors’ poor habit of fouling 3-point shooters was on full display, and Golden State committed 26 fouls to the Hawks’ 19. Curry was actually more guilty than anyone when it came to turnovers; he had eight on the night, half of his team’s 16.

Many of those turnovers came late in the game, too. Giveaways have always been an intermittent problem for coach Steve Kerr’s Warriors, but neither Klay Thompson nor Kevin Durant are there to clean up the mess. Forward Draymond Green, another long-time turnover culprit, had four of his own in Atlanta.

It’s all adding up to losses lately, though Golden State almost pulled this one out. If the team can improve on these correctable mistakes, they’ll string some wins together. But that’s been the theme all season. Will it ever happen? Lately, it seems less likely every day.

(Photo credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports)

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