Watch: Giants’ Anthony DeSclafani gets Fernando Tatis Jr. to swing, miss with such force that Tatis injures his shoulder

Nobody like injuries, especially to one of the most talented, entertaining players in Major League Baseball.

But during the Giants unexpected 3-2 win over the Padres on Monday, San Diego Superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. swung and missed at an Anthony DeSclafani curveball with such force, he’s partially dislocated his left shoulder, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Padres will reevaluate Tatis today, and the entire league hopes he’s alright, including DeSclafani.

“You don’t like to see anybody get hurt especially a guy like that who’s pretty fun for the fans and for the game of baseball,” DeSclafani said. “Any time an injury happens to a guy like that, anybody really, but somebody like him, it’s not good to see. Hopefully he has a quick recovery and he’s back on the field playing.”

San Francisco Chronicle

But the big swing was quite a sight. Adding to the intrigue for the Giants is that DeSclafani re-tooled his curveball this spring, at the direction of the Giants’ coaching staff. Watch below as this curveball works way too well, courtesy of NBC Sports.

That’s a rare sight. I’m sure when DeSclafani reworked his curveball, he didn’t envision injuring elite hitters with it.

But if DeSclafani can regain and even improve on his his form from a couple seasons ago, personnel director Farhan Zaidi may have found himself a diamond in the rough, just as his “Moneyball” philosophy dictates.

DeSclafani’s already delivered substantial return on investment, propelling the Giants to an unlikely early-season victory against the favored Padres. Let’s hope Tatis recoveres quickly so he can get a rematch with DeSclafani’s stuff, namely that curveball.

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