Look: Marshawn Lynch reacts to a very hyphy highlight video from Cal football

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, the football department at UC Berkeley figured it was a good time to get hyphy.

And what better way to do that than with former Cal and NFL running back Marshawn Lynch? The official Cal football Twitter account released this montage of moments from Lynch’s days on campus, before he was the No. 12 pick of the Buffalo Bills.

That really brings me back. Lynch was a beast at Cal, no surprise, and his energy was infectious. This video really captures that.

Lynch, a native of Oakland in the East Bay, himself tweeted approval Nice work, Cal football video team.

Cal has a rich history of first-round draft picks, from quarterback Aaron Rodgers, to center Alex Mack of the 49ers, or to QB Steve Bartkowski, the first overall pick in 1975.

But none, even Rodgers, have the charisma and uniqueness of Lynch. Each of the two are Super Bowl champions and true greats of the NFL. But simply put, no Cal alum can get hyphy like Lynch. It’s great to see him honored and for him to show the love back.

(Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

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