Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Juan Toscano-Anderson compares Steph Curry to Mike Tyson

You know you’re a bad man when you’re compared to Mike Tyson. Even in a metaphorical sense.

So it’s no surprise Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry just got mentioned in the same breath as “Iron Mike.”

Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champ known for knocking opponents into oblivion, is perhaps example No. 1 in the U.S. when it comes to intimidation and efficiency. Sure, Tyson’s career tailed off as he got older, but his highlights speak for themselves, and his legend is as large is at gets.

Unlike Tyson, Curry’s career hasn’t tailed off. Far from it. But he is in the midst of creating a legend all his own. After the Warriors won a big game against the Pelicans on Monday, 123-108, forward Juan Toscano-Anderson put all the pieces together and compared the two superstars.

Here’s his comment, courtesy of The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

Love this quote. JTA was on a roll last night in this interview.

Toscano-Anderson calls it a “magnet,” and the phenomena that surrounds Curry on the court is also often called “gravity.” Curry is the baddest man on the floor, and the opposing defense goes to absurd lengths to try and stop him, surrounding him with multiple defenders regardless of who’s left open.

Finally, it seems, Curry’s teammates are taking advantage — taking free shots when the defense is worried about Curry AKA Mike Tyson. Additionally, they’re also learning to get the ball back to Curry once he passes out of double- and triple-team defenses so he can shoot the ball himself.

Because there’s a reason Curry is as intimidating as Tyson on the court — he can hit any shot, from any place on the hardwood. It’s the stuff of legend, and the sports world won’t ever be the same for it — much like the incredible, awe-inspiring career of Iron Mike Tyson.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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