Golden State Warriors

A majestic freak of nature: Warriors’ Stephen Curry sensational in win vs. Thunder

Stephen Curry’s greatness is majestic.

Watching his performance on Saturday night against the Thunder was like looking at an endangered species, or rather, a gorgeous, enchanting freak of nature. He scored 49 points on 11 made 3-pointers — all in three quarters, since his performance absolutely buried Oklahoma City, which took a 136-97 loss back home with them.

Curry treated his fellow NBA players like the Washington Generals, and Curry and Golden State played the role of the Harlem Globetrotters. Just watch here, courtesy of the NBA’s official Twitter account.

Just pure insanity. My favorite was the last 3-point, when the defender thought he’d done his job and relaxed for an instant. That’s all Curry needs to pull from deep and hit another dagger.

Curry’s brother, former Warrior and current 76ers guard, Seth Curry, shook his head via Twitter, and probably spoke for all NBA players.

When you hear the phrase “Steph Curry broke the NBA,” these performances are where that saying originates. How can you guard a man that’s a threat as soon as he nears halfcourt? Not very well, in most instances. Curry’s battling for the NBA scoring title down the stretch, which would be his second crown, averaging more than 31 points a contest.

Each great player has a different brand of greatness. For Curry, it’s a brand of play that the NBA simply hasn’t witnessed. At 33 years of age, he’s not slowing down — far from it. And all you need to watch this once in a generation, never-before-seen, majestic freak of nature is a video screen. If only every generation of basketball fans could be so lucky.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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