Golden State Warriors

Take a moment to appreciate the Golden State Warriors defense

The Golden State Warriors defense often gets lost in the shuffle amongst superstar guard Stephen Curry’s offensive brilliance, and, well, hoping the rest of the offense can come along for the ride.

But coach Steve Kerr has been consistent since the start of the campaign — he wants his team to have a defensive identity. He’s succeeded, with the Warriors owning the No. 5 defensive rating in the NBA.

To be clear, it’s not as though this fact is a secret. But that the Warriors are performing so well on defense is perhaps not appreciated enough. Take a minute or two to watch these defensive plays of the week for Golden State, courtesy of the team’s Twitter account.

For real. Don’t let the two-minute-plus run time distract you. Relax and focus on how well the Warriors are stopping the opponent from scoring. Breathe it in. Especially notice the defensive greatness of forward Draymond Green.

Man, that’s fantastic. As inconsistent the Warriors’ team offense has been this season, the defense has been there.

Now, it’s run into some issues with ineffective rebounding and fouling too much, but those are more correctable problems, especially the excessive fouls. Kerr’s vision of a strong defense has come true. It’s part of the same formula he used to take the Warriors to new heights and win three NBA titles in the 2010s.

When guard Klay Thompson returns next season, the offense will improve drastically, and if Golden State can keep this defense up, it should be right in the championship hunt in a year’s time.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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