Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Juan Toscano-Anderson calls Steph Curry ‘the Picasso of our time’

Can you imagine a time, perhaps 100 years in the future, when students across the U.S. study the greatness of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry? Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson can.

Or, at the least, he intimated as much on Sunday, fresh off the Warriors’ big win against the Grizzlies. Golden State earned the eighth seed in the Western Conference before it competes in the play-in tournament on Wednesday. Afterward, Tosacano-Anderson popped off with this beauty of a quote.

He’s of course referring to Pablo Picasso, the world famous Spanish artist. We still study his greatness well after his heyday, and he’s an entrenched part of pop culture across the globe.

That does sound a bit like Curry, doesn’t it? And while Toscano-Anderson might be reaching a bit on this one, can you blame him? It’s simply becoming more and more difficult to express how great Curry has been this season in a new way.

He won the scoring title in a season when many NBA observers thought he’d struggle without Warriors guard Klay Thompson and ex-Warrior, forward Kevin Durant. He’s set more 3-point records. He’s set the franchise scoring and assists record. His play has rivaled his unanimous MVP season of 2016, though Curry is now 33 years of age.

He’s only the fourth player to have multiple league MVPs, NBA titles and scoring titles, joining Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

And he’s done it as a 6-foot-3 guard. If he’s not basketball’s contemporary Picasso, he’s something similar. There’s still work to be done, however. Curry has time to give those future school children something more to study, staring in this season’s play-in tournament.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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