San Francisco 49ers

49ers CEO Jed York proves he’s willing to spend big to get his team to the top

Is 49ers CEO Jed York becoming like his formerly famous Uncle Eddie?

Former team owner of the San Francisco 49ers, Eddie DeBartalo Jr., was notorious for spending whatever it took to keep his team in contention in the NFL. That practice started in the early ’80s and continued through an incredible 49ers dynasty led by quarterback Joe Montana.

Eventually, however, DeBartolo ran into legal trouble and relinquished the team to his sister’s family, which put DeBartolo’s nephew, Jed York, in charge of the franchise.

This year, the 49ers have a big-contract QB in Jimmy Garoppolo but still drafted QB Trey Lance with the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Eddie wouldn’t have a problem with that. As it turns out, neither does York.

That’s pretty cool. Like uncle, like nephew. York’s tenure as big cheese in San Francisco has had it’s ups and downs, but he’s looking fairly golden right now. He hired coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch and has sat back and let them work, and to great effect.

All he’s got to do is spend whatever it takes. Eddie must be proud, specifically with the 49ers one of the NFL’s most lauded franchises once again, just like DeBartolo’s heyday.

(Photo courtesy Wikipedia commons/SPORTSFILE)

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